Does anyone still see Ford Crown Victorias?

My department no longer uses them, they use dodge chargers now. I want to know if anyone has seen them still used by their city’s Police department.

The FD I volunteer for has a CVPI, ex police cruiser used a department service vehicle. No lights or sirens on it.

Besides that, very few PDs in my area have Crown Vics. Those that do either have them as spares or are beating the heck out of them so they can be replaced sooner. Where I live, the spare cruisers are the Police Interceptor Tauruses. All the newer ones are Explorers.

I know this is a little of a bump, but yes, on a regular. There used to be a huge Ford plant about half an hour from me, where my Grandpa worked. They produced the Crown Vic, and when it was time to retire them, my city’s police force bought a whole ton. So I see them quite fairly, with a mixure of the new Dodge Chargers and Ford Taurus.

There are very few still in my area, at least still in use for public safety. I occasionally see them still around but they are clearly retired police cars.

From my city’s police, no. They mostly use PIUs and some Chevy Caprices. The sheriff’s office still has some in service I think. also late reply lol

Yes, all the time!!!

My local police department still uses Ford Crown Victorias in their main fleet to this day. It makes me happy knowing that these awesome cars get to stick around a little bit longer. I’d love to own one some day.

I’ve seen a few lately, I also think a Police Department in a city near me still has one iirc.

Not to bump at all the east norriton township police department has 3 crown vics

I see tons of Crown vics, a number of cities including Ann Arbor use them for Police.