Does Habitat for Humanity have alarms?

I’ve heard in some places that Habitat for Humanity has alarms and well as control panels. Is this true? Have any of you seen this or even bought any from places like this?

Depends on location. I’m from Raleigh, NC and found a New/Old Stock Silent Knight panel for $10. The same location also had a system sensor heat detector.

I’m going to go anyways. Just to see because I need a new panel. I’ll even take pills and notification appliances too. Might even buy stuff that’s not even compatible with my system lol. :slight_smile: :wink:

Uh…you mean pulls, not pills, right?

…yes I meant pulls…or did I?

Yes. I have seen alarms there, sometimes in quantity. I got ZRSs and a system sensor D4120 from there.