Does Kidde have their own voice evac messages?

I know that EST and Kidde devices look the same, but does Kidde have its own unique voice evac messages, or do they simply use EST messages?

I’m pretty sure they use EST messages

Yeah, considering Edwards & Kidde are owned by the same parent company, Carrier Global (or at least they are currently: Carrier’s looking to sell them to someone else though).

This shows a Kidde voice evac system being tested and it has a pretty unique message. I’m not sure if this is default, though.

I watched this video but didn’t hear any clear enough bits of the message. I’ll try seeking through it again.

The voice message that it uses sounds like the Silent Knight one but I think the tones sound like what the Fike Cybercat has.

Also of note is that the tone appears to be a recording of an Edwards/EST Genesis sounding in temporal 3, but higher in pitch than usual.

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I believe the tone is a genesis horn

That definitley is custom. My company installs VM panels, and we haven’t had any with auto voice evac. We just use the standard tone, like in my video here: