Does your local fire company use Motorola?

Does your local fire department use Motorola for their radios? Or Harris, Ritron, Kenwood, or Maxon Hatfield uses Motorola for handhelds and base radios in the truck. But a fire company in Cumberland county uses harris handheld radios. What does your local Fire company use?

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I sure hope no first responders are ever using Baofengs…

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My bad did not mean to put that let me erase that I meant Maxon and ritron

You would be surprised…

I don’t know what my city’s fire department uses

My city uses Motorola for all Police and Fire.

My Police and Fire Dept Use motorola to

Baofengs are some intresting radios
I hope a police And Fire Dept NEVERS Uses them

I have seen some volunteer search and rescue personnel with the sheriffs department using them, luckily a majority of places are moving to trunked systems.

Mine and the sheriff’s department uses them. In fact I know even my school district uses them for administrative staff and on buses.