Dog or cat

woud you rather have a dog or cat and what breed. I would rather have a dog because i am allergic to cats and have just grown up around dogs. the breed I would want is a beagle because they are calm and are rarley aggresive.

I want an oranda goldfish.

I’d rather have a dog because I already have one and dog are just better than cats

Agreed, dogs are better then cats.

I like both, so I’d most likely have both

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I’m the opposite. I would rather have a cat because I’m allergic to dogs and grew up around cats.

German Shepard or Pitbull.

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St. Bernard or Newfoundland

Ayyy I have a German Shepard. Although he’s getting old tho :pensive:

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Ragdoll cats for the win in my opinion

one of my two dogs (not a german shepard) is 19. he wildin

In human years my german shepard is in his 50’s

Dang, I think that’s a record.

No it’s not. There’s older dogs

Did you mean dog years? A 50 HUMAN year old dog would be remarkable.

No. I meant human years.