Dose anyone know why the wheelock 7002T horn skip?

I have been a collector for years now but there is still one thing that I cannot figure out, why dose the wheelock 7002t make that skipping sound? If anyone knows why please let me know!

Strobes need high voltage to flash. It’s difficult to make low voltage onto high voltage with DC current. Therefore, the strobe is wired in series with the horn instead of parallel to make it close enough to AC to make it easy to get the high voltage. I think @Robert_A can explain this better than I can

Yes and No,

I have recently been researching how Xenon flash circuits work, these circuits are what make strobes flash. (Except for LED Strobes).

To understand why the horn skips, you have to understand how xenon flash circuits work.

Here is a good example that has

Now let me explain,

When Capacitor CS is charging, it is pulling current from the nac. And since the horn is wired in series, the horn vibrates at a lower pitch. When the Strobe discharges, there is less strobe current on the nac, making the pitch of the horn higher. Once the Strobe Discharges, it starts charging the capacitor again and the cycle repeats.

I think this has to play a role in the skipping.

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