Dreams/Fantasies in General

I’ve been meaning to start a topic like this for some time, and I don’t know why I waited so long to make this. :lol:

But anyway, this is similar to <URL url="Fire Alarm Dreams/Fantasies...], except not relating to fire alarms.

I’ll start:

One dream I had, I don’t remember what the dream was all about, but all I could remember was that it ended with a countdown. Come to think of it, I can’t remember if it started from 10 or 5 (probably the latter), but after it got to 1, my (now former) alarm clock woke me up and that’s where the dream ended.

This other dream is kind of fire alarm related but contains no fire alarms in it. In this dream, I had an iPod Touch (2nd Generation) that had the red Simplex hourglass logo with the older Simplex lettering. It was below the screen where the home button would be. Fun fact: I had this dream before I even owned an iPod Touch.

Another dream I had was sort of a nightmare. I was outside in a field of some sort. Then I heard a male voice that said something like: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to North Korea”. And I thought to myself, “oh, crap”. What’s interesting is that the voice wasn’t speaking in a Korean accent, it was in a straight-up American male voice.

That’s all I got for now.

I had a dream where I was at somebody’s house and they had a Janitrol gas furnace. I got to see it running. Then me and some kids played at a playground. Then we went back to the house and I said bye to everybody. Then I woke up.