Dry Fire Sprinkler Head Replacement at my School in one of the buildings

Some Fire Sprinkler techs who work at JCI/Tyco conducted a replacement of an outdoor dry Sprinkler today. Every 10 years, a Dry Sprinkler needs to be tested. If it fails to function then the Sprinkler needs to be replaced. But the maintenance decided they wanna just replace the Sprinkler. I did get to talk to the JCI/Tyco sprinkler techs who where on the site and where pretty nice. The Sprinkler replacement was done and the system had a waterflow test with NACs bypassed. It went pretty well. These techs were only Fire sprinklers, not fire alarms, but their coworkers are the alarm techs according to them. If you don’t know what a dry sprinkler system is versus a wet system, a dry system has nitrogen gas in the pipes instead of water, but when the sprinkler gets activated, the nitrogen is released which allows the water before it to be released. After the techs were done replacing the sprinkler.

This building’s annunciator during the sprinkler flow test. (NACs were bypassed)

The new sprinkler head was installed.

A box that says “Tyco” on the side. They also had a water bucket for the sprinklers and stuff and some ladders.