DSC PC1616 Unknown Installer Code

I have a DSC PC1616, and I don’t know the installer code. Is there any way to reset to factory defaults and reset the installer code? If not, are there any other ways to figure out the installer code?

I feel like there is a way to factory reset the panel but I’m not sure how to do it because my PC1616 has never been used before and I haven’t set it up yet.

I’m sorry, I only have experience with Honeywell Vista Systems. I would recommend looking up what to do

Here’s what to do:

  1. Power down the panel
  2. Power it back up. Listen carefully.
  3. If the panel emits several clicks, it is installer locked out and there is nothing much you can do aside from factory defaulting.

To factory default: https://youtu.be/zlcyspUoNgA

If you don’t hear any clicks let me know and I can help you further.

My panel makes the clicks so I am probably screwed. I am going to be upgrading this system to a DSC Neo or a Vista 20P next month.

You can still default the panel with the method I listed.

If I default it, will the installer code reset to 5555?

It will reset everything in the panel to the defaults

Actually, your method didn’t work, but I played the code guessing game and found out the code was 6666 lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: