Dumb warnings.

On a Blow dryer - Do not use while sleeping.

On a mattress - Do not attempt to swallow.

On a toaster - Do not use underwater.

On Christmas lights - For Indoor or Outdoor Use Only. (as opposed to use in outer space?)

On a can of Glade air freshener - Keep out of reach of children and teenagers.

On a washing machine. - Do not put any person in this washer.

On a TV remote. - Not dishwasher safe.

For a Website Hosing Service - For use on the internet only.

On a Korean knife: Caution, keep out of children.

Street closed to traffic when flooded (street sign)

Warning: Do not ignite in face (on a lighter)

Caution: Avoid dropping air conditioners out of windows.

Warning: Never iron clothes on the body.

This is NOT a life saving device!!! (this is on a AED)

Keyboard not detected. Press F1 to continue

These ear plugs are nontoxic, but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe

This product not to be eaten under supervision of adult (On a box of donuts)

Komatsu Floodlight
This floodlight is capable of illuminating large areas, even in the dark

Pepper Spray
Caution: Never aim spray at your own eyes.

Slush Puppy Cup
This ice may be cold

Do not attempt to stop chain with hands.

Infant’s bathtub:
Do not throw baby out with bath water.

Aim-n-Flame fireplace lighter.
Do not use near fire, flame, or sparks.

A toilet bowl cleaning brush.
Do not use orally.

Electric Thermometer.
Do not use orally after using rectally.

Japanese GameCube Instruction Manual
Do not attempt to stick head inside deck, which may result in injury.