Early Black Friday Hours - Controversial?

What are your thoughts on how some retailers are opening stores on Thanksgiving Day? These corporate giants are extending their Black Friday hours into Thursday night; Walmart,for instance, is opening its doors for Black Friday at 10pm. Employees are complaining that having stores open on Thanksgiving Day cuts into personal time they spend with friends and family. Other people, like customers, say they like having earlier hours as it helps beat the rush of other Black Friday shoppers and it allows for shopping to be done earlier. Personally, I find this whole idea of opening early ridiculous; we already have the Wall Street protests going on across the United States, and now workers have to put up with a burden of working long hours just to make shareholders and CEOs satisfied with profits?

I swear, Christmas gets celebrated earlier and earlier each year. My fvorite radio station started playing Christmas music 24/7 two weeks ago, and stores were decorated for Christmas before Halloween even got done with! I miss the old ways, where Christmas music waited until AFTER thanksgiving to be played and Black Friday happened ON Black Friday. As for cutting in with family time, I don’t think many families have Thanksgiving festivities going on at 10 PM…

If you don’t like the job quit.

If you need the money… work

and you … you are like 13 years old… enjoy being a kid!

I remember Christmas when it was Christmas… put up a tree, have the family over, someone cooks a ham and everyone has a great time, and exchanged a few presents–not a lot. The season started in December.

Now, it works like this: put up a tree, stuff it with so many presents that you’d need two trees, have the family over, waste forests of paper, make a huge mess in the living room, then everyone leaves with their new “free stuff” while big corporations make butt-loads of money. …and the season now starts right after the last major money-making “holiday”–halloween. There’s not a lot of money to be made off of Thanksgiving, so they skip right to the next major money-making holiday.

It’s gone way too commercial and it’s all about money.

It’s enough to make Charlie Brown complain about it. (A Charlie Brown Christmas)

Radio station 100.3 started to play Christmas music around late-October early-November as well. Why can’t things stay the same like they have been in the past? And as for opening up for early Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving, I personally think that it is another method of corporate giants stealing your loot for personal wealth.


You are not forced to shop on thanksgiving. If people have a problem with it they are welcome to stay home. You need to as I said… enjoy being a little kid… there is plenty of time to play grown up later in life.

People can only blame them self… the consumers control business. If they all just stayed home and ignored what retailers do, or stopped listening to a radio station when they played certain music early then the money makers would be forced to revert to their old ways.

Christmas has not been Christmas for a while… It is not about gifts, not about low prices its about family and friends. Its not about who got the best gift and who out did who its about seeing family you don’t get to see and as far as i am concerned this time of year is about giving back. I am headed out soon to my annual thanksgiving dinner where I help feed those less fortunate, mainly familys who struggle to just keep the heat on. Well most of you are worried about what will be under the tree these folks worry about keeping the heat on.

As far as I am concerned Thanksgiving and Christmas are what I make of them, not what other people do.

I saw this picture somewhere on the internet. I’m glad that some stores are still reasonable.

That pic could have been taken another year! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t notice that…I guess it was! :slight_smile: But, I still like what they did.

Yep, 2009 to be exact…

No stores in Maine opened at 10:00 tonight… apparently there is a law in the maine department of labor that forbids businesses from being open on Thanksgiving.

If you think that’s bad, head east. On a Mass radio station, they played Christmas in September. SEPTEMBER!

If there was a karma system here, I’d applaud yours. You are exactly right. What happened to sitting next to the fire and socializing with family? It’s now up to shopping early, pushing your credit card to the limit, and fighting people to get discounted video game consoles.

On topic: Black Friday early hours are ASININE. People pitch TENTS in front of the store to get first in line. At least Wally World (for once) had brains. They roped off areas with Caution tape and had signage everywhere. Still, at a Guilford, CT Wal-Mart, someone got SHOT waiting in line.

Botton line: People are animals this time each year. /rant