EAS Enthusiast?

Just wondering if anyone here is an EAS enthusiast. I personally am one.


There are a lot of EAS enthusiasts here, thats the purpose of the weather talk category pretty much.


i am a EAS fan nothing is better than catching a double header

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Same! I used to buy be more of an enthusiast for that but It’s still one of my interests.

I completely agree with you. I’ve only gotten one, but I’m waiting to get a triple header.

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EAS is one of my main hobbies but I can’t catch as much as I would like due to school and other reasons.

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I am. I love anything EAS.

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My station covers alerts for kc and Topica and sometimes they come at the right time

I still find it amazing how close the fire alarm, siren, and EAS communities are. My interest in sirens started from fire alarms, and my interest in EAS catching came from sirens.

It’s good that they tone them quick. My station usually tones things immediately, but there was a watch that wasn’t toned for ten minutes after it was issued.

for me it was weather fire alarms tornado sirens then EAS catching

It all kind of works together, due to the fact that some fire speakers can play weather messages and when wired to a weather radio’s headphone jack can play the broadcast. I think fire alarms and sirens are connected because they make lots of loud noise.

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It’s also possible to have the Alert strobes flashing when there is an EAS activation on a system. It’s extremely rare for systems to have these features on it even though it’s essential to life safety. However the Wireless Emergency Alerts already kinda takes role of that so that so I guess thats why it’s not required.