Edit/delete posts & edit username whenever desired

Yeah, just what the title says. I don’t know why post editing isn’t a standard feature given how comment editing is standard on sites like Youtube, for one thing it allows you to correct errors in the post if necessary. As far as changing one’s username, I believe I’ve been told that it IS possible, but I can’t seem to find the button to do so anywhere. (therefore I’m not sure if I just need help as to where the “Edit Username” button is or that the ability to do so should be added) Another nice feature would be the ability to delete your posts if desired.

I’ll second that.

I third this, especially being able to delete posts.

This is especially important as some users might post information that their employer doesn’t want to be posted publicly.

I guess I should clarify that I made a mistake with my initial post (which I can’t go back & edit due to the following reason): you CAN edit a post you just posted & for a couple minutes after, but for whatever reason eventually the edit button disappears & you can’t edit it again. REALLY stupid in my opinion.

So, are my suggestions going to be used? I don’t know if the staff are going to use my ideas, heck I don’t even know how they’d implement them. (unless it would be in a future site update, though I can’t seem to recall any)

Mod staff can definitely look into it, but if I recall correctly, those limitations are in place because of issues the old mod staff had in the past:

Editing/deleting posts used to be used to ‘change the story’ in the past. We had a user get into an argument with numerous members, as well as staff. He had been editing his posts to appear correct and in an effort to change his story. Staff then disabled the ability to edit posts that were not that user’s last post, after a specified amount of time.

Changing one’s username also used to be allowed by each member, but it came with the warning that it would be disabled if abused. Andrew also had mentioned linking TFP’s username database with another site (the old Wiki), and eventually disabled username changes:

Now that the wiki is no longer community-driven, we may look into allowing this again, but we’d still have the caveat that this would be disabled if abused. Similar to the Discord server, we prefer it if users changed their usernames sparingly. This way, we’d be able to keep track of everyone.

I understand the limitations around editing, but is it possible to allow deleting posts?

So moved, and I’ll second that.

I would also like to make a motion to allow users to edit all posts that are less than 2 weeks old, but moderators may:

a. Remove long-term editing privileges (e.g. revert to original editing rules) from a single user at a time.

b. Remove instant editing privileges (e.g. the edit has to be approved) from a single user at a time.

c. Restore the original post (e.g. original posts <= 𝑛 days old are stored and can be restored.)

Good idea 4251-13, why restrict it for ALL users when only some users, particularly those that are bad-behaved, should have editing (& other privileges) disabled. I’m mostly suggesting this just because I’d prefer a little more control over my own posts than what I have now. (along with of course being able to fix any errors if necessary)

Hi guys! I’m finally chiming in here… We’ll discuss it. We are going to be doing a forum upgrade eventually that will require a lot of work from our part to make it happen. We will likely have this feature in place then.

As of now, we have kept the same sittings from when NewAgeServerAlarm had put those rules in place. We’ll keep you posted!

Post editing is now possible with the new forums. Posts can be edited at any time, regardless of trust level. Edits are shown in a post’s edit history.