Edwards 1300 and other stuff

What’s up yall, I recently took out this panel and some alarms. One of which is a pretty, what I’d call, uncommon panel. This panel is an Edward’s 1300


Ah yes: a friend of mine told me about you getting that, marvelous acquisition if you ask me (moreso if you got all those other devices with it).

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Yep I got some of the devices atm, currently working on getting the rest

@TheShimplec4903 can’t you only clear a trouble when the supervisory relay is closed or something?

Only when it’s closed

Cannot quite tell. What model is that Adaptahorn? I think it is a 364 tho.

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Yes, this horn is an Edwards 364

Alrighty. Thanks. I saw some in the wild once. No idea what the panel was. They were replaced by TrueAlerts

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Anything old Edwards is an instant like for me! Pretty amazing equipment you got there! Where did you scrap it from?

lol me and some of my coworkers actually took it out as a replacement