Edwards 1527 help

Im a security tech still learning a lot. I dont know fire. I have a licensed security company in a small town. I provide simple alarms, DSC Neo. Customer wants me the replace their alarm system but Im hesitant to do so because this 1527 is tied into the existing system. Existing alarm is a Chubb system. Its an OEM of ICT Protege. The 1527 has 3 zones of the alarm panel tied in. Ive already told the customer I likely do not have the skill set to safely take over the system. But i am wondering how old this thing is. When I hand them off should I suggest they also look into updating? Tha ks.

As far as I can tell, just a basic (although sorta rare) conventional fire alarm control panel. IMO if it aint broke, no need to replace it unless they are seeking a specific capability. Very cool!

Agreed. No need to upgrade if it works. What skill set do you need? My company does ULC monitoring and we take over tons of monitoring accounts. All we do is use existing wiring from FACP to the security panel and tie it to the contacts. Usually for FA systems there is an alarm contact, supervisory contact for newer systems, and a trouble contact. This panel only has the trouble and alarm contacts; the other wires are the detection circuit, the Bell/horn circuit, transformer 24VDC power, and possibly a trouble buzzer. I’d have to find the manual to this panel and see what the terminals do again.

In fact, there should be a wiring diagram directly on the FACPs door letting you know what each terminal does.