Edwards 1541 Fire Alarm Panel

On Sunday, I bought myself a very rare panel, an Edwards 1541. This thing is now the largest panel I own, and its very unique.

The panel was uninstalled from an old school around the 80s. Apparently, it was removed due to false alarms caused by trains going by the school. It has 4 zones, and 2 signal circuits. I would like to assume it was manufactured in the 50s. There are a ton of different termination screws in the panel, i think one to hook up a trouble bell, but most of which I have no clue how they work. If anyone could give me more insight on the panel, that would be awesome!

-The front of the panel, with all the labels on it.

-The interior of the panel.

-The test button, used to test all the bells, including the trouble bell. To the right is a relay, I believe its for the trouble bell.

-The wiring to a trouble button on the panel door, which when opened, operates the red light on the top of the panel. Used to tell there is no connection to the fire dept.

-Trouble bell connection, relay connection with the N/C, N/O and common, and 4 terminals labeled T, A, B, D? Anyone know what those are used for?


-The ‘Box CCT’ terminals (pull stations), and terminals to connect to a remote annuciator.

-The two signal circuits, with the relay. There is also the signal cct. fuse, which can be pulled out for doing silent testing on the panel. Also, from what I learned from my program thus far, the fuse will open itself if the bell cct is activated for a period of time, so that the bells aren’t ringing continuously for a long period of time. Could someone tell me what the two terimals beside the fuse are used for (the F and R)?

-The relays to the zones. How this works is when you pull a pull station, it causes the relay to activate which causes the one below it (correct me if I’m wrong), to drop the zone number, and set the alarms off. With the cover on, you can see how it shows someone what zone is activated. To reset it, you need to lift the long bar at the bottom up, and everything should reset.

Wow, That is awesome!! :smiley:

Lovely panel! The flag annunciator is very cool; I’ve never seen an Edwards panel from that era with any type of zone annunciation.

Whoa, that thing looks awesome! I’ve never seen a panel that uses flags for annunciation or a bar for reset. Can you get a picture with your hand on it for size comparison? I want to know just how big it is.

Thanks! I thought so too, it’s why I got it!

Thank you! Yeah, I was surprised when I picked this thing up and found out it had that on there, did not look like that at all in the pictures.

Yeah, sure thing! I’ve just been busy with school and work recently, so when I get a chance I will! Plus I will be making a video of it sometime soon.