Edwards Adaptatone 5547-15w

This speaker is ridiculously heavy (like 10lbs or something). These are a rebranded Atlas speaker (as seen on the back), but this seems to be a rare rebrand as their commonly Simplex or Honeywell. I actually got two of these and thankfully they work (the audio quality isn’t good, probably due to age/design).

If anyone has info on the rough time these were made I’d love to know (My guess is early 80’s), or any info on the Atlas ones.

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That’s a really cool rebrand, I love these speakers and, now I know they where rebranded by Edwards, I think the system at my dad’s office has a few Honeywell branded ones.

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Very cool, great find! I’m not sure I knew that those particular Atlas speakers sometimes came with terminals: all the ones I have have wire pigtails instead.

Now that is very cool indeed! I’ve seen Mirtone branded ones, Simplex ones, and the OG Atlas ones, but never an Edwards GS one.

I’ve noticed that Atlas speakers were commonly used on Edwards systems in the '80s and '90s in Ontario; interestingly, the ones I’ve seen in these installations were always Atlas-branded. It’s peculiar because Edwards sold Atlas speakers directly (with Edwards-branded packaging, as shown in this listing).

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