Edwards ESA2000 Documentation

hi, I plan on purchasing an Edwards ESA2000 one day (if one ever goes for sale at a somewhat affordable price), but I was wondering if anyone had the manuals/documentation for the ESA2000, I admit it probably will be a while before one pops up for sale, and even then, it will probably be expensive. I also admit part of it is I like reading manuals in my spare time sometimes. also, when I checked a while ago the one ESA2000 I could find for sale was an ESA2000C model, I was wondering what the versions/variations were, I’m guessing the ESA2000C is the Canadian model, which I would be fine with as it wouldn’t be installed in a commercial system. also, it would be cool if the programming software for the ESA2000 ever got uploaded somewhere, since aren’t their certain things that you can only get to in the software. why the ESA2000? in my opinion it is cool (I think it might be because if what I saw is correct, the ESA2000 uses and Intel 80286 CPU, which is the same processor used in old personal computers). at this point I’ll take any information on the ESA2000.