Edwards EST Device Addresses

Here’s a quick question I hope someone can help with.

When a new device is added to a loop on an EST3, the controller gives it what the manuals call a “short address”, which is part of the circuit mapping process. What exactly is the “short address”? Is this the8 integer PPCCDDDD address, or something else?

Thanks for the help!

I think that means the loop controllers sub address DDDD - 0001, 0002, etc. (I don’t remember all the details, last worked on EST3 in 2012).

Pasting from tech manual:

The Signature Loop Controller asks for the highest serial numbered device that is in a New Start condition (all Signature devices are shipped with a New Start Bit Set). The loop controller communicates with each device until the device in a new start condition with the highest serial number is determined.

First Step:

When the device with the highest serial number is identified, the loop controller resets its New Start Bit and assigns the device a short address. The loop controller repeats this process for the next highest serial numbered device in a New Start Condition. The loop controller resets the next device’s New Start Bit and assign it the next short address. The loop controller continues this process until there are no further devices in a new start condition and has determined all the devices in its circuit.

I’ve read that paragraph many times. It’s actually what made me first wonder what exactly “short address” means.

The more I think about it - and reading that paragraph stripped of its surrounding context - makes me think it is the final 4 digits of each device’s 8 digit address (PPCCDDDD).

Like any other “hands-on” task, reading about it in a book isn’t the same as actually doing it, with a Journeyman or some such watching & guiding you.

I just read through parts of the install manual. It seems like the short address is used in lieu of the serial number to display the info to the panel operator.

Googled a link to an EST manual here:

EST3 Install Manual

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Now that I think of it the short address is used more for the installer & end user for shop drawings, etc.

Device 01030157 “1st Fl Elev Lobby” for instance. When you take a new device out of the box from the factory, it comes with 2 barcode stickers with the serial # on it. The installer takes one sticker off & puts it on the prints or a barcode sheet for the programmer to enter into the software for that device soft address. Now the panel knows to expect serial #1234567890 at address 01030157. If the serial #'s don’t match, it won’t map and will come back red on the map.