Edwards/EST G1F HDVM Genesis

Hey guys, I just got an est G1F HDVM or genesis horn strobe and I have a few questions about it. First off, I am not 100% sure how to change the dBA settings and the pattern. Secondly, I wired it up and applied 24 volts but it didn’t do anything. Any solutions? I recieved this new. I wired it so that the top terminal is positive and bottom negative

In order to change any settings on a Genesis signal, including from temporal to continuous, and high volume to low volume (standard setting is high volume, temporal) you have to physically cut jumpers (or pieces of the board, depending on the model), meaning once you change a setting, you can’t change it back.

Here’s the instruction manual.

Why EST decided to do this, I have no idea. The LED Exceders, Commanders, and even Spectralert Advances are far better designed, in my opinion.

But I’m biased, so take that for what you will.

What kind of jumpers do I have to have and also where can I get it?

The jumpers are built onto the board, or they could be tabs of the board you break off. Once they are cut or broke they are gone.

I can see one reason they would do it. Usually when alarms are installed in systems, how many times is someone going to be uninstalling the alarm to change the tone/pattern?

Did you test out the power supply to see if 24 V is the output voltage? Or did you make sure it was DC power and not AC?

Yep, turns out I wasn’t giving it enough juice, ! Switched power supply. Same issue with my 7002T, now both fixed! Thanks.

Hey, do you want an EST G1RF-HDVM, the red version, too, yes or no?