Edwards/EST Genesis self-synchronization - How does it work?

Edwards/EST Genesis self-synchronization - How does it work? I’ve never touched a Genesis before. To my knowledge, they only have 2 screw terminals (as opposed to 3 for supervision). Does it work like these “wireless” [size=50](they require wires to communicate - that’s stupid)[/size] intercoms I have? These intercoms communicate over the 125vac circuit they are plugged into. And to work, they have to be on the same phase. But my point is they do something to the circuit. Back to the Genesis. I’m assuming they communicate in the same way, but how do they “decide” which one is the master and which ones are the slaves? I’ve also heard that they synchronize with certain spectralert strobes. All without a sync module. I can’t find any information on the sync protocol for these devices either. I’ve tried searching for patents too but I can’t find the info I need. [size=25]I’m a very curious person. [/size][size=12]I think I am posting too often. [/size][size=5]Please stop reading this…[/size]

No they do not sync with spectralerts. Genesis strobes have a microprocessor in each one that makes sure that each flash is EXACTLY 1 second apart. When you first power up the strobe there’s a 2 second pause, and as soon as the first alarm starts, all others start at the exact same time(because of how fast electricity travels and each one is identical to each other perfectly) and the processor in each will keep them in sync for about 2 hours and after that they can slowly drift off…due to resistance…and other factors…yeh it took me a while to figure this out but it’s pretty cool!!

You can also see this is most spectralert classics. They will stay in synch for several minutes because they are so similar.

Now suppose the signals needed to sound for over 2 hours? (I.e. high-rise building) Does the panel send out a sync pulse/command every so often to keep them running together? Or do they just slowly fall out of sync?

They will slowly fall out of sync when thu time is exceeded, but two hours is a hella long tim for them to be activated and I am sure they will be off by then.