Edwards Explosion Proof Adaptahorn model number 879DEX-G1

Hey Everyone!

Just a general question. Is there a site online that buys the adaptahorn that I put in the subject? I have a brand new one in box and need to get rid of. Ordered too many and the site I ordered it from does not take returns :confused: I tried to sell it on ebay as well but no luck so far.

Thanks for any ideas!


You could sell it on either craigslist or ebay. I know explosion proof adaptahorns can go from $250-$1200 depending on the model.

He already tried ebay…

I would post it in the “Flea Market” section of this forum. Many people are looking to buy alarms there!

Try contacting BuyFireAlarmParts.com. They purchase new and used fire alarm equipment.

Only new NAs, Pulls, and Smokes

They take used panels though

The device the OP is trying to sell IS new.

: just stating a fact for others

I would be interested in that pull possibly, PM me

He’s not selling any pull stations…

I am really tired…I ment adaptabell… :roll:

You must have really needed bed rest. :stuck_out_tongue: He isn’t selling one of those either!

I am having a long day… Anyways I am interested in the device… :wink:

The explosionproof horn.

Just thought you should be aware that they cost nearly $1000 new.

I was so tired I wasn’t paying any antention at all…

Maybe you should get some rest. Just sayin’ :wink:

yeah, feel better today(Arizona fruit punch does the trick :smiley: )