Edwards G1R-HOV30 problem


I obtained several Edwards 270-SPO initiators (new $10.00 ea) and a box full of G1R-HOV30 temporal horn/strobes (new $1.00-$4.00 based on physical condition). I assume that was a reasonable price?

Anyway, I had previously pulled 18ga/5 conductor thermostat cable for a simple system on a 24v transformer. I can get a couple old Simplex bells to ring, the pulls operate, and the strobes also work so the wiring seems to be installed properly. However, I cannot get the horns to function. I went to the Edwards site, and the closest current listing is for the “EG1* Series”. These have candela adjustment, as well as jumpers for the horn. Mine have no apparent jumpers or other means to adjust, so my question is:


The notifier lists an instruction sheet P/N 3100123, but I can find no current listing for it. I also assumed end of line transistors were only required on panel controlled systems. Since the strobes function, I assume this is not a problem.

Anyone with possible solutions, I would appreciate hearing from you. I’m on my way out to pick up back boxes and hardware, but will check back this evening.

Advance thanks for any help.

Doesn’t sound like a G1R-HOV30 to me. Is that the model that’s displayed on the back of the alarm?

Yes, that is the first number, with additional ones being:

EG1R-HOV30, XLSG1R-HOV30, G1R-HOV30-LG, MG1R-HOV30, and HGTG1R-HOV30. It has “TEMPORAL HORN/STROBE” at the top of the label. There are only two screw terminals, so it can’t be separate external circuits. I have some jpg photos of it, but I have no idea how to attach them. On another phpBB forum, there is a place on the page to do so. If you can tell me how, I will try to do so.


Genesis series horn/strobes don’t use jumpers. Instead, there are tabs on the inside that are broken off permanently to change the setting (bad design in my opinion).

Are you sure these devices are brand new and have never been installed before? Did they come in an unopened box? Perhaps the reason you got them so cheap is that they are broken. That’s the unfortunate risk in buying equipment second-hand.

Tell me about it. I just got a G1R-HDVM horn/strobe (multi-candela version) and it’s just about impossible to clip the circuitboard (there’s really no tabs - it’s the actual circuitboard). It’s also not easy to change the candela settings of the strobe. Unless there’s some kind of installation toolt he installers use, these things must be a PAIN to install. The only thing I really like about it now is the sound it makes…

I checked Edwards data and the E1 Series appear to be identical in drawing to the actual G1R units I have. The jumpers are not pin type, but board cuts. J1 on the E1 cuts to make the strobe temporal in “private” mode. Cutting J2 changes the horn db high/low. The E1 also has a J3 position. (On the E1’s, it looks like a movable tab with markings is used to adjust candela output.) None of my units appear to have been altered. Some are definitely used, as they have locations written on with a Sharpie, as well as side paint smears. The others appear new, and came in sealed plastic bags. It is possible, of course, they were repacked, but show no signs of installation, such as rub marks on the plate by tightening screws, etc. The 270’s are definitely new, and were priced cheaply as they were missing the break rods. Probably swiped for replacements on in-service units. The seller had a few complete units for twice the price. He knew where they these came from, and had no reason to believe they were defective. I get the idea he had none of the working installation these were to be used for, just extra pieces. I guess $16.00 for eleven strobes won’t break me.

The other thought after seeing videos of test systems, audible can be silenced while strobes remain activated until system reset. I assume that would require more than two contacts (separate horn & strobe circuits) on the device, or could that option be part of the circuitry in either the notifier or system?

If all else fails, I’ll hook the bells back up for audible. I will probably tie this to one doorbell button, and put a couple Edwards 10" single strokes up for the other door. Nothing like overkill to greet visitors.

Any other ideas, let me know.

What is your question? You are just rambling…