Edwards Genesis Wiring

How Can I make my Genesis go continuous. Do I need to alter the wiring?

There should be jumpers or a switch on the back. Not familiar with EST NA’s but TrueAlerts and basically any System Sensor NA will have jumpers or a switch to set the volume, coding, etc.

Remove the cover. On the top of the circuit board there are three (Or two depending on the model) small circles labeled 1,2 and 3. Get a utility blade and cut out from the circle labeled “2” It should sound in continuous once the board is cut from the circle to the top. Remember this is permanent.

not a fire alarm collector but if you cut a genesis to make it continuous will it still be able to preform code 3 (or march time) through a panel like TrueAlerts can?

Yes but the strobe isn’t designed for coded circuts (Unless used with the SignalMaster module) since it is a 2-wire device, so the strobe most likely will get damaged or flash awkwardly.

Can you do selective silence on EST’s like on Simplex NA’s?

Yes, but you will need a sync module.

That or an EST/Edwards panel with a ‘Genesis’ NAC.

Is there any soldering that can be done to reverse this if I change my mind?

It’s possible, I’ve done it, it’s frustrating and difficult, but I’ve done it.