Edwards irc-3

Hello all, I’ve recently acquired 2 Edwards IRC-3 fire alarm panels and I have a few questions on these.

1: Does anybody have any wiring documents for the PS4A, CM1N, CM1 and APS8B?

My second question is with the software. I do have access to irc3ver2.6, 4.3, 4D and etc however I’m running into issues with DOSbox to do so. Any ideas on how to fix that? Sorry if this isn’t the correct place to be asking that. These came out of a college it seems and I wanna put a new program in there since the current program is bugging out right now.

If curious what I mean by bugging out is, the one with the CM1 will go into alarm but refuses to reset. The IRC with the CM1N will reset however the NAC’s won’t turn off. Even after power up the NAC’s just turn on and the panel says “Strobes action”. I have photos of the panel.