Edwards panel models 1979-1980?

Does anyone know what panels edwards manufactured and marketed during 1979-1980 in the US. I’m trying to find out what panel my middle school had before the replacement in 2004 when the system was upgraded. The school is sorta small so that kinda narrows down the system size.

Possibly a 2280 (I assume these were sold in the US) or a 6500

Ok, are there other panel models designed for small schools?

The only other panel that was current to that time period would be the 1527 single zone system, unless there was some US only system. I’m in Canada.

Another possibility would be the 5721B. This panel appears to have been available during that time frame, but I have no way to confirm this (perhaps it was introduced a few years later). If I’m not mistaken, the 5721B was exclusive to the US.

Do you have any pictures of what a 5721b looks like since I can’t find any

Here’s a 5721B:

This photo is not mine. I believe it was originally posted on Facebook.

Wow, thank you! I’ve seen this panel in a couple of buildings but never knew the model number. The only things I knew about it were its modular design and the “signals timed out” lamp.

Fun fact: one of the systems that had this panel exclusively used ADT-branded BG-10s. Weird.

Again, these are possibilities, no one will ever know what was installed but thanks for the possibilities. IMO, I think the 6500 or the 5721b may be the best possibilities.

For the record, the pulls were Edwards 270-spo pull stations with Edwards 439d-6awc bells which are tied to the current QuickStart system whenever an alarm goes off. Also, I did stand next to one when the system went into alarm and it was VERY LOUD!

I’m glad I was able to (inadvertently) help you solve that mystery!