Edward's pull station with no key insert.

There is an Edward’s pull station that has no key insert. How does it get reset?

Probably with a hex wrench or screwdriver. For example, the 270-SPO, which has no key lock. gets reset by opening the station with a screw driver. If you watch this video, you can see how it gets reset.

A photo would help…

It depends on what model the Edwards pull station is, do you know the model # er the name of the pull?

Hence why I asked for a photo…

The one pictured here is a 270-SPO and only comes in a screwdriver reset version.

The newer 278B-1110 is the screw reset version of it’s “brother”, the 278B-1120 / SIGA-278.

You can see the screw on the top, in the center.