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I have now created a new topic for my fire alarm collection, which I will update from time to time. Since I live in Germany, it is difficult for me to get American fire alarms. However, some appear in Germany from time to time. Although I know that it is probably not the largest fire alarm collection in Germany, I do have some devices that you will probably never get here again.
Surprisingly, I don’t have any German fire alarms tho.

Then let’s get started.

Initiating Devices

  • Edwards 1250-0S coded pull station (Code 4-7-1-2)

  • VES RSG T-Bar VF3038-10

  • Chinese Call Point S4058R

  • Uhppote UT-HC102 (Knock-off BG-12)

Signaling Devices

  • EST Genesis G1R-VM Strobe

  • Knock-off Spectr-Alert Classic

Got a new fire alarm today. Here we have my Wheelock MT-241575W Red Horn Strobe.

This alarm was probably used for a fire suppression system, as I also received this housing.

Fortunately, the alarm came with a back box which you cannot normally buy in Germany.

This is what the alarm looks like on my wall on my system.

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Awesome Collection, it’s cool to see hobbyists from around the world.

Funny that a fire alarm collector living in Germany who has been collecting for several years doesn’t have any German fire alarms… Until now.

Today I purchased not one, but three German push-button alarms for just €25 (about $27).

These are two of my three ZETTLER Druckknopfmelder (call points).
(The third one is not in the pictures because I am converting it for use at the school I attend. No, it is not used as a fire alarm.)

These were made around the mid to late 90’s.

The call points are actually all new.
They’re also weatherproof, which is why they have this little roof and the grey rubber seals.
Also they are actually “addressable”, but to use them you need a fire alarm panel from ZETTLER. (Maybe an old notifier or an esser will work with this?)
So I soldered cables directly to the switch.

But since I mainly collect US fire alarms, I probably won’t get a German fire alarm panel other than the old esser from the school I’m currently attending.

It is currently on my system in the location where my VES pull station was, but I don’t know if I will keep it there until the next system test as it is a bit difficult to activate with a large wooden board in front of it.

Since I currently have my entire system taken down from the wall, I decided to take another picture with my entire collection.


So here is an updated list:

Initiating Devices

  • Edwards 1250-0S coded pull station (Code 4-7-1-2)

  • VES RSG T-Bar VF3038-10

  • Chinese Call Point S4058R

  • Upphode UT-HC102 (Knock-off BG-12)

  • 2x Zettler Weatherproof German Call Points

Signaling Devices

  • EST Genesis G1R-VM Strobe

  • Knock-off Spectr-Alert Classic

  • Wheelock MT-241575W Horn Strobe

The models of the 3D printed alarms are from SafetyNet.

(I also ordered some new devices including a Couch Chevron, a System Sensor MASS Non-ADA strobe, and a Real Chinese SpectrAlert Classic, all of which should arrive here in a few weeks)

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, but now I’m back!

The Non-ADA Mass Strobe has been stuck in shipping for several months for some reason, but I’ve already called the shipping company and it should arrive next week.

But one device already arived a while ago.

My S.H. Couch F1-A Chevron Pull Station with the large mercury switch.


Since I ordered it from the USA, the shipping cost was almost three times more than what I actualy paid for the Pull Station. Luckily it didn’t end up at customs. Otherwise it would have been even more expensive.

It’s not in the best condition, but hey, it still works.




It’s mounted on a back box that a friend made for me with a 3D printer.

And while we’re talking about 3D printed things: I’ve now also bought a 3D printer.


Finally I finished the 2903 light plate, the base of which my friend already printed.

The model for this 3D print is made by SafetyNet GRG.

I didn’t want the FIRE lettering to be made of plastic, so I made some FIRE labels.
They’re not quite the original size, but if you don’t look at them up close, they look almost like the originals.

I also made a reflector out of aluminum foil, but would like to remake it out of aluminum tape.

Now I just have to get an old mechanical horn somehow.