El Chupacabra's Fire Alarm Collection (links to photos)

This post’s layout is probably not the best nor the most practical due to its excessive length but I couldn’t think of another way to format it; for that, I apologize. With that said, here is a list of my devices along with links to pictures of each one.


Edwards of Canada 6000 Durabel 120VAC vibrating bell

Edwards 339 125VDC chime

Edwards 882-2B horn

Pyrotronics HS-2 horn

Faraday 5506 horn/strobe

Fire-Lite 450 12VDC horn

EST 792-7A-006 horn/strobe

EST 757-1A-T Integrity horn

EST 202-7A-T 110 candela strobe

Wheelock 34T-24 horn

EST G1R-HDVM Genesis multi-candela horn/strobe

Faraday 6120B horn

Faraday (FOS label) 5508-L 12VDC strobe

Wheelock MT4-12/24 12/24VDC multitone horn

Wheelock LS1M-12 12VDC strobe

Wheelock MIZ-24 mini-horn

System Sensor MA/SS horn/strobe

Wheelock MT-24-LS multitone horn/strobe

Pyrotronics (made by Autocall) BDC-624 Pyr-A-Larm vibrating bell

Potter PBA1206 120VAC vibrating bell

Edwards 692-2B mini-horn/strobe

EST 682-1A-HR mini-horn

Edwards 892-6B horn/strobe

Radionics D513S 12VDC horn/strobe

Edwards 864-FA 5VAC horn

Edwards of Canada 24 Adaptabel 8VAC bell

Edwards 439D-6AWC vibrating bell

Wheelock AES-DL1 multitone (multiple inputs) horn

Cerberus Pyrotronics SVD-24 (rebranded Wheelock WST-24) strobe

Wheelock WM3T-24 weatherproof strobe

Edwards 6100-D Durabel vibrating bell

Faraday 2884-E multitone horn/strobe

Gamewell 69233 25VRMS speaker

Wheelock 816T speaker

Cerberus Pyrotronics MC-F three-tone horn

Electro Vox bell

Honeywell (rebranded Wheelock WST-24) SC807B1035 strobe

Simplex 4051 horn

Edwards 885D horn

Wheelock 7002T-24 horn/strobe

Mirtone 74303 bell

Pyrotronics Canada HDC-24M motor horn

Space Age Electronics 2DCD horn

Simplex light (with two-gang mounting plate)

Edwards 5520D Duotronic horn/siren

Manual stations

Mirtone 73303(U)

Fire-Lite BG-12

Simplex 2099-9109CB

Pyrotronics Canada/Pyr-A-Larm MS-51 (bilingual and very rare French-only versions)

Pyrotronics MSX-2 addressable station

Faraday (FOS label) F1GT

Edwards 8250-0 coded pull station (manufactured in 1993)

Edwards 270-SPO (Older: French, English/Newer: French, English)

World Electronics 302 (wireless Notifier LNG-1R)

Cerberus Pyrotronics Century

Autocall 4050-001T

Cerberus Pyrotronics MS-53C

Mirtone 73204

Standard Electric Time 700

Simplex FM950KE

Edwards 278B-1420

Notifier N-MPS-2A addressable station

Johnson Controls 73303U

Simplex RMS-1T

Simplex 4099-9001CF addressable station

Honeywell S464A1045

Cerberus Pyrotronics MS-57 (uses a double pole toggle switch)

Notifier NFM-950KB

Miscellaneous devices

Mirtone 73320 heat detector

Edwards 242 heat detector

Notifier CHD-F200 heat detector

EST CMDN annunciator (for LSS, FCC and IRC systems I believe)

Edwards 6702 firefighters’ telephone

The simplex light with the double gang box is a simplex 2904-9xxx strobe or light. The strobe is rare, but if it is an incandescent bulb, it is almost SCARCE!!! But if you have one that is 120VAC, it is scarce. Mountainbell has a red 9103, and Destin has a white 9101, and I have a white 9101 also. Take good care of that 2904, because they are very rare.

Since I’ve acquired a few devices over the past year, I thought I’d update this thread with those recent additions to my collection.

Edwards 6100-D Durabel (third-generation model)

Wheelock ES-DL1-R

Potter H-1224W-R

Simplex 4251-111

Edwards 270-GAO (N.I.B. from the late '70s/early '80s)

Simplex 2099-9201

Kidde MP1

Mirtone 73201

Edwards 275-C311

Edwards 274-111

Standard Electric Time 470 (unbranded Canadian version)

Simplex FM950-E

Gamewell 04-026

Wow. i have to say that this is a very nice collection. It has a nice mix of old and new, and most of the alarms are in GREAT condition. That’s great! I would die for a collection like this. :slight_smile:

Nice!! Those newer pictures are AMAZING. The lighting is perfect, and what kind of camera are you using? Did I mention the lighting?

Also, I like how many obscure pull stations you have. Do you have any video demonstrations?

Thanks! I appreciate my collection very much and take great pride in the devices I have. I’m rather finicky when it comes to the condition of the alarms I own so I tend to take good care of them in order to preserve them in the best possible shape.

Thanks for the compliment! I tried to get the very best photos and I’m glad it worked out so well. The camera I used is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i (with a 55-250 mm lens) mounted on a Manfrotto tripod. The lighting, on the other hand, is nothing special; it’s simply a combination of natural light, room lighting, and a cheap L.E.D. desk lamp from Walmart.

Unfortunately, I currently don’t have any video demonstrations of my pull stations, although it’s definitely something I’d like to do. It will probably take a while, but my goal is to have something out sometime in the next few months.

A few additions from 2014:

Simplex 12901-9801

Simplex 4090-91

Edwards 333D Adaptabel

Edwards GL1RF-HDVMC Genesis

Honeywell S464D1000

Cincinnati 13525

Edwards 275-C111

Edwards 279L

Did anyone else notice that this looks like an EST Genesis?

Is this 24VDC?

It is indeed a 24VDC bell. This one happens to be a single-stroke model.

Nice 279L. That’s a rare bird.

Is there a similar model that is vibrating and also 24VDC?

I know that 24VDC vibrating versions of this bell exist (identical gong and base), but I’m not quite sure of the model number. Perhaps EdwardsFan would have more information, as he owns quite a few different versions of the Adaptabel.

I believe the model # for those vibrating bells is 343-D.

What kind of horn is this? It looks exactly like a 9838 and the voltage says 22-28, so what’s different about it?

I think the only difference is that it is ULC and CSA approved and thus meant for the Canadian market.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://simplex-fire.com/en/us/Document … 0002-2.PDF”>https://simplex-fire.com/en/us/DocumentsandMedia/S12901-0002-2.PDF</LINK_TEXT>

I believe that Canadian fire protection equipment needs different listings/approvals (such as FM, UL, etc.) than US equipment. For example, take a look at the “Agency Listings and Approval Sections” for the SpectrAlert Advanced Series and the Canadian SpectrAlert Advance Series (which appear to be more or less the same alarms).

So basically what BradH pointed out.

That is correct. It is simply a 2901-9838 with a ULC label on the back.

Additions from 2015 and 2016:

System Sensor P2RA

Siemens CU-MHU

FOS 5509L

EST 965-1A-4RR

Siemens MTH-MC-W-B

Edwards 364A

Simplex 4080-C5

IBM 4030-2B

IBM 4252-1

Siemens HMS-2S

Cerberus Pyrotronics M46-31IBD

Edwards 270-SPO (older version, probably from the '60s)

Edwards 270-SPO (late '80s version)

Nice, awesome pics! I’m really loving that Edwards Adaptahorn, looks like it’s brand new!