Elevator doing weird things

So one of the elevators in my school has been doing some strange things. It will go down to the lowest floor, and run the motor a bunch. The elevator is a hydraulic elevator, I think it is ThyssenKrupp, probably was installed around 2010. It stops running when you press a call button.

Could be that there’s a leak somewhere, and that the elevator keeps the pump running to compensate for the loss of pressure.

I’ve seen that happen on a older Otis hydraulic elevator, it would keep sinking then popping back up, until the pump finally gave up the ghost (or the technicians turned the breaker off).


Idk. I talked to my building engineer, and he said that supposedly even though that elevator is the newest, it has had the most issues in the building. We have at least 4 elevators in the building. 2 are pretty old, their floor change sounders are still bells. Then there are 2 newer elevators, one that was put in what we call the MPC (gym area) when it was built in the 90s, and the one in the newest extension of the building, which was completed in 2010. The one in the MPC is a Dover impulse. Idk what the other elevators are. Our elevator tech i think is from KONE though. Also, one of the older elevators likes to get stuck in fire recall. But that is a different issue.