elevator that does beeping when one walks through.

There’s an elevator at one of the stores at the local mall the beeps when one walks through the door. Does anyone have any idea why it does that? I’m guessing it’s so the door doesn’t close when one’s walking through, but I’m not sure.

It beeps when you stand in between the doors because there are sensors in the doors that make sure the doors do not close when a person or object is in the way of the doors. The beeping is to notify you that a object is in the way of the doors and the doors will not close until the object is removed, when the sensors detect that the object is no longer in the way the beeping stops.

I can agree with that. The elevators at the hotel I’m staying at on vacation do the exact same thing. They’re Otis elevators I believe.

It seems like the elevator at that store only recently started doing the beeping. It just goes “beep beep beep beep…” when a person is walking through the door.

I’m sure it could easily be an upgraded feature that is installed afterwards and easily retrofitted into older elevators.

What you are hearing in the elevator when someone walks through are the door sensors being tripped. Some sensors that have replaced bumpers (retrofitted sensors) do that for some reason (they are “generic” sensors). Not sure why. I haven’t encountered too many elevators with that feature.

Here’s an example (one of my videos):

1968 Montgomery G&P Hydraulic Elevator-Macy's Burlington Mall; Burlington, Ma - YouTube