Emergency Alert System (EAS) Section

sorry if this is in the wrong section, I kind of think this belongs in both the suggestion box and flea market section, but anyways I think there should be a dedicated section on the forum for enthusiasts of the Emergency Alert System (from now on referred to as EAS so I dont have to type as much) or other countries equivalents (like Alert Ready in Canada). also I think there should be a “flea market” type section for EAS related things like encoders/decoders, as my dream one to own (a Trilithic EASyPLUS/EASyCAST/EASyIPTV) is going for $800 plus shipping on eBay right now, and also includes an EASyCAST and a EASyCAP, but I only want the EASyCAST, as that was what was used for EAS alerts in my childhood, although the EASyCAP is what they currently use, and , I dont have $800 to dish out, I’m broke but my parents have some money.

I would Want A eas Section

Usually anything like that is posted in the “Emergency Warning Systems” Section.

This section already exists: Emergency Warning Systems - The Fire Panel Forums