Emergency broadcast system test ruining a good song.

Have you ever had a emergency broadcast system test come on when there was a good song playing on the radio? This just recently happened to me. It just ruined the song.

If I leave my TV on at night, the EBS has woken me up. Since I have cable, it comes on all of the channels at once so you can’t turn away from it.

Do you leave your TV on accidentally or intentionally? I think I would use the TV’s sleep setting.

It’s usually by accident.

This happened to me one time while I was listening to a piece of jazz music over Sirius Satellite Radio. I also have AT&T U-verse, which displays a message on the bottom of the screen and then plays the irritating and startling sounds NO ONE wants to listen to, even though its purpose is to warn of severe weather (and severe weather watches).

Fortunately, they only test these weekly…

I hate it when you’re watching a good TV show and it’s either at the beginning or the end or at an important part of the show when this happens.

The sounds are not to warn of the weather or emergency, the message is to warn about the weather or emergency. The sounds are used to control other EAS endec units on the network. They also have the effect of getting your attention because of their odd cadence.

Interesting, I didn’t know that before.

Think about a weather radio. The radio is activated by these tones.

I’m not a big fan of the tests, but the real deals are much appreciated. Last summer we were busy eating dinner when we heard that sound coming from the other room. Good thing we checked it out, it was a tornado warning.

I know; in our house, we have a Comcast digital cable system, and when the cable company sends out an Emergency Alert System test, it not only interrupts every channel, but even if you’re watching a DVR recording! It’s almost always that same lo-fi black-screen message with white text and the badly-distorted test announcement. And the cable box LED/vacuum-fluorescent displays always change to “EAS.”
Ironically, almost 10 years ago, there was one summer where we kept getting a string of bad thunderstorms, and the EAS kept interrupting TV shows with severe thunderstorm warnings. But one time, they tested the EAS in a similar manner, and it was ironically the first time I saw them test that version of the EAS (previously I have only seen real alert activations for severe weather as I mentioned). And as if THAT weren’t enough, we DID have a storm that evening!