Emergency exit alarm at the library.

I’m at the local library right now and the alarm on the emergency exit does this beeping about every 45 seconds. Just why does the alarm do that beeping? That along with the anti-theft alarms at the entrance that often go off make the library pretty noisy.

If this is a “Push to Exit - Alarm Will Sound” type device, many of these are battery powered.

This FAQ is from the Detex web site:

Q:The unit is beeping every 45 seconds.

The 9V battery needs to be replaced with a name brand, alkaline battery.


Oh I remember those things from high school now that you brought them up. They were on a few exit doors. Whenever the battery began to die, they would beep and it would get SO annoying. Especially since it took them a few days before they actually replaced them. It was not really great at all.

That’s interesting. None of the schools I went to had alarms on any of the doors. I mostly see those alarms on emergency exit doors in stores, restaurants and libraries.

Well at least my high school did and I figured that it probably was done because of the Virginia Tech shootings that happened at that time during my freshman year in high school. After the shootings, the alarms started showing up on the doors. What is strange is that before that, any classroom or shop that had an exit door that wasn’t using mechanical skills like auto or carpentry also had an older Detex alarm on the door. The lab in my shop Business Technology had one on its exit door that the teacher had a key for and if she was absent and there was a fire drill, we had to go out the alternate way (which was out by the cosmetology shop with those loud as hell 2DCDs on AV32s.)

Puts in Bargin Brand…


Sounds more like what stores use…

I remember once dealing with a smoke detector that asked for Duracell batteries specifically.

Probably First Alert then.

Smoke detectors actually can SAY they need a certain type of battery? :shock: That is the first time I have ever heard of that. :?

There have been Duracell battery commercials that claim that they last longer than Energizer batteries. There have also been Energizer commercials that claim they last longer than Duracell.

I’m more interested in the smoke detector that has a recorded message saying that it would ONLY take Duracell.