Emergency light problems

So I am having problems with one of my emergancy lights that I currently have put up in my room. I have had it for over a year no with no problems but last week after a 90 minut test the green light never came back on and the red light came on. I replaced the battery but it is still red reset the unit still red I cleaned the battery connecters and guss what STILL red. I have done everything that I know to do. I just want to see if there is something tha I missed doing before I retire the unit. PEASE LET ME KNOW.

Try connecting it to AC power to charge the battery. Can’t think of much else to do since I’m not familiar with emergency lighting.

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Or there’s something wrong with the lightbulbs/LEDs, or the circuitry itself?

I’m not familiar with “emergancy” lighting, but the light bulbs might be dead.