Engineer Fire Alarm

In the year 3022, a 22 year old man called Daniel “Engineer Fire Alarm” Dixon built a WiFi enabled smart voice enabled addressable fire alarm panel called Smokey from a vintage Gent Vigilon Compact from around 2003 by installing a smart computer and a WiFi enabled smart module into the fire alarm panel.
Begin Chapter 1
The year is 3022, a young 22 year old man called Daniel “Engineer Fire Alarm” Dixon built Smokey his WiFi enabled smart voice enabled addressable fire alarm panel from a vintage Gent Vigilon Compact from 2003 he salvaged from the vintage fire alarm bin at the head office of South Yorkshire Alarm Company Limited trading as South Yorkshire Alarm Co or SYAC for short based in the fictional Town of Northfield, South Yorkshire, England.
Begin story
My name is Daniel Dixon AKA Engineer Fire Alarm, Daniel is my real name, short for Danielson which is my dad’s name, it was his idea to put my first name as his nickname Daniel, but anyway I am a fire alarm engineer at South Yorkshire Alarm Co or SYAC for short, the trading name of South Yorkshire Alarm Company Limited based in Northfield in you guessed it, South Yorkshire. And I collect vintage fire alarm stuff from the 2000s as the technology was really cool for it’s time and I also salvage vintage fire alarm parts from the vintage fire alarm bin at the SYAC head office and factory site. But yeah fire alarm systems have changed a lot since the 2000s to be honest with you.
To be continued.

Engineer Fire Alarm Episode 2
Begin chapter
So after I made my vintage Gent Vigilon Compact from 2003 smart and voice enabled, Smokey has been driving me mad to the point where I just want to rip him out and install a Vantage Sentry Plus, but I won’t do that to him. Anyway I was looking on ShopBay for a Vantage Warbler Alarm Sounder to buy so I could start my vintage fire alarm collection that would have smoke/heat sensors/ smoke/heat sensor sounders, sensor sounders/sensor sounder strobes, bells and other vintage fire alarm parts when my boss Joe Johnston, founder, owner and CEO of SYAC (South Yorkshire Alarm Co) rang me, so I answered him and went to work. When I arrived at the SYAC head office, Joe greeted me and took me to the factory where the automated production line was producing our proprietary SYAC System 5000 addressable fire alarm control panel, afterwards Joe took me to the vintage fire alarm bin where I saw what I was looking for, a super common Vantage 34775-O-S optical smoke/heat sensor sounder, I grabbed it and hooked it up to the fire alarm test rig and it amazingly still worked, I asked Joe why it was in the vintage fire alarm bin and he told me a selfish teenager chucked it in there for no reason so I told him I was going to take it home and wire it up to my vintage Vantage Excel Compact 32 zone 2 loop addressable fire alarm control panel at my home and he said sure, go ahead.
The next day I headed to Northfield Shopping Centre to have a look at the fire alarms there, so I did, I entered the shopping centre and immediately took my camera out and filmed the frog clock golden ball mechanism in action, to be honest with you the last time I went to Northfield Shopping Centre was when I was a kid back in 2000 and this was before it closed after the fire and before it had the frog clock, today though the shopping centre was full of people taking pictures or videos of the lifts, escalators and stairs for some random reason, people filming the frog clock which I appreciate as it’s quite unique and you can stand looking at it trying to figure out how it works for ages, after a while I headed to the first floor of the shopping centre, and in this world major online retailers have bricks and mortar stores as there was a ShopBay InStore shop and that’s when I ran into Joe, said hi to him and walked away to film the super rare Vantage 34775-S optical smoke sensor as it looked out of place in such a modern store when suddenly the fire alarms went off and I somehow made my way to the maintenance area of the shopping centre where staff were frustratedly trying to reset the alarm when I identified myself as a fire alarm engineer and managed to reset Burger King’s fire alarm system which had tripped the main fire alarm system then I reset the main system and left as Joe thanked me for the help with resetting the fire alarm systems before I headed into Aldi and filmed their rare Vantage conventional fire alarm system before heading back to my house.
The next day, Joe rang me to say that we had a call out to install and program a SYAC System 2000 in a brand new shopping centre called Eastwood Shopping Centre that was due to open in a few days…
To be continued.