EST Genesis speaker/strobe & EST Quickstart panel

Hello, can somebody please explain to me how to wire a EST Genesis speaker strobe to a EST Quickstart fire alarm panel? I cannot find any good diagrams and when I try wiring it myself I just get short errors. I’m using a speaker strobe because I believe the Quickstart panel has voice evacuation on it. I also know that the polarity with the NACs are backwards which makes it even more confusing. If somebody could explain to me or get a wiring diagram on how to wire the speaker strobe to the Quickstart panel that would be awesome! Thanks a lot ! :smiley:

A few things:

First off, is this for a hobby/demo system or a real installation in a real building?

Secondly, unless the QuickStart you have is specifically meant for voice evacuation, you will not be able to use it with a speaker-strobe. The NACs give out 24VDC for horns, bells, and strobes only. Unless you have a QuickStart with voice evac functionality or a separate voice evac panel, you cannot use the speaker. However, if you were to hook up the strobe to one of the NACs and set it off, it would work. Now, you would have to see if the NACs are meant to be Class A or Class B, because that would change how you wire the alarm.

Thanks for replying back! This is just a demo system for my hobby. So what I’m now curious is how can you tell if my Quickstart (which is a QS1) has the voice evacuation functionality or not? Is it in programming?

According to EST’s documentation, the QuickStart does not support voice. You could either purchase a Wheelock SAFEPATH ($100-400 depending on seller) or a 70 volt amplifier (~$60) and play your own messages through it.

Ok, thanks!