EST iO Panel Key

So I’ve had my iO panel for several months now and it never came with a key. The door can close til it hits the key lock mechanism and stays in place, so it was never a top priority to get a key for it, until now. I’ve ordered a Cat 15 key, nope. I’ve just ordered a Cat 45 key, still nope. However, I believe all EST keys are cat 45 right? The Panel says, iO1000 Edwards United Technologies? What key is used for this panel? Seems stupid it never came with one. I got it brand new, unopened box.

Just get a locksmith to make you a key. I had a key made for something that none of my other keys worked for. Cost me about $15.

Should almost certainly be CAT 45. It is strange that it would come without a key. Does the CAT 45 or 15 fit in the key slot? If so, can you turn it with some jiggling and persuasion?

I have both Cat 15 and Cat 45. None turns at all. The panel doesn’t say EST but Edwards. It takes Signature series devices so I’m not sure why it’s not working? Is there a way I can take the lock off and see what type it takes?

Just as I finished posting above, I got the key to work. It seems it was stuck and had to yank it hard to get it to unlock. Seems fine now.

A locksmith knows well about the lock mechanism, it’s easy for them to spot the issue with the door lock as why it hits whenever you try to open it.