EST Quickstart Programming

Hello, I am trying to program a EST Quickstart panel using the RS-232 terminals inside the panel by using a DB9 serial cable which one end is stripped going into the terminals inside the panel and the other end plugging into the DB9 serial port on my computer which has the Quickstart software. The question here is what color wires are being plugged into what terminals (RTS/TX/RX/COM) inside the panel? I have tried wiring the wires to the terminals many different ways and using DB9 color pinout diagrams and nothing works, in other words I can not send or retrieve information between the panel and the software. Any help would be most appreciated to get these 4 correct colored wires to the correct terminals! Thanks a lot!

Look at the diagram on page 46 of this PDF. You may also need to jumper DB-9 pin 4 to pin 6 to make the computer happy (not shown in that diagram).

The female DB-9 connector should have small numbers for the pins printed on it. If not, looking at it face-on with the wider row at top, it goes 1-5 right to left for the top row, and 6-9 right to left for the bottom row.