EST quickstart QS-1 parts

I found this EST quickstart QS1 on eBay, and am interested in buying it, but I was wondering if there are any additional things you would need to buy other than the obvious things like horn strobes, and pull stations, and smoke detectors to at least get this board to power on and work when I do buy the obvious things. sorry if this is already posted, I’m a noob to this stuff. below is the link for the listing. listing

Just a power cord with ground to power it on. If you plan on programming it the only way to do it is by an EST technician. But personally I would stay away from them being they aren’t very reliable panels.

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do you know how to wire it, like what the pinout is, and is it like the fire lite MS-2/4 where you strip a power cord and screw it to the terminals or do you need some sort of proprietary device which no one has?

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It should be like any other panel which is just strip the wire and put it in the correct terminal.

Although this is just the cpu. The SLIC and PS6 card are not there and there is no transformer so more may be needed.

You are missing the whole cabinet with that listing, its only an annunciator at the point.

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