EST Quickstart QS1 Programming

New to the forms here, but I’ve seen how helpful the people on here could be and I have been scratching my head about this for the last few days.

Recently I got a QS1 panel to mess around with and I have wanted to learn how to use the programmer on the computer. This is fine, I downloaded 1.8 and 2.5 and they seem to run fine. My problem arises when I want to program the actual panel. I created a programming cable by following the diagram in the QS manual using a serial cable. I cut the end off, matched the wires, and I even jumped wires 4 and 6 as I read that might solve the problem. Whenever I try to read it with 1.8 or 2.5 it goes into the read database mode and it doesn’t move past 0% then gives me an error after 30 seconds. Could it be my baud rate? Is the TX and RX supposed to be crossed? I’m hoping someone could shed some light on this because I’m totally lost.

Panel works great otherwise, but I’d like to be able to program the points to my liking. Thanks all

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I was able to program the panel using the RJ11 port on the front. I originally thought that port was strictly for barcode scanners however that proved to be false. Schematic is on google for anyone that is looking to do the same.


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