EST2 Dialers Keep Failing

We have an EST2 that says “Dialer is missing or has failed”. It has a DL2 dialer. We hadn’t had any dialer trouble until April 2017. When the panel reported the dialer had failed at that time, I installed a new dialer, programmed it, and all was well until now. Now the panel is giving me the same error on the replacement dialer.

Are DL2 dialers that unreliable or is it likely something else is going wrong with the panel? Has anyone successfully repaired a DL2? Examining the faulty dialer, I don’t see anything obvious. I realize components can fail without any physical signs, but still, I don’t see what the problem actually is with the faulty dialers.

This is a live system (not a hobby panel) but we have the blessing of our dealer to do our own work to keep this system working.

DL2 dialers are that bad. You also may have gotten transient voltage from lightning on your phone lines if you have copper into the building. If you’re lucky enough to find a new one that’s been sitting on the shelf, that’s probably your best bet.

No component of the EST2 can be considered reliable these days unfortunately. They’re all reaching the end of their intended lifespan. Even the most recently installed ones are now starting to show weird issues that will ultimately lead to them needing to be upgraded. Technology is changing fast and fire alarm panels are not the most durable things these days.

I’d definitely be tucking away a little at a time for that inevitable upgrade.

Okay, thanks!