EST3 Trouble 'Receiver Test Line 1'

Today I came to school and right by the door is an annunciatior, I noticed a trouble coming in, so I went and reported it to the office. Today was the day that the fire drill was scheduled for, so I was called down to the office later in the day so I knew, it was cancelled due to an medical emergency. But I found out that they couldn’t figure out why/what the trouble is, and that the installers weren’t sure either. So I figured I’d ask here what it is, this is currently providing life saftey protection in a building, but I wouldn’t be working on the system, I would just let them know so they know what’s going on. The trouble is a Receiver Test Line 1 trouble.

The system is a 3Bay addressable EST3 panel using the built in DACT and voice evac.

Here’s a pic:

The system trouble Led is on, it just blinks fairly quickly.

one of the phone lines going to the DACT failed. call the phone company.

Let the office know when I got to school at about 8, the system was back to normal by 12, thanks!

So the installers didn’t know this? That doesn’t really instill a lot of confidence in that installation… :?

It’s more likely that they knew what the issue was, had no power to resolve the problem themselves. If the fault is past the D-Mark, there’s nothing they can do.

Ah that makes sense. :wink:

My guess is that whoever picked up at the company didn’t know, when I called they have a secretary that answers most questions. Also when I left school the day before the system was normal, so the trouble may of come in after hours people who would actually know left. I get out at 3, the company seems to close to support only after 5ish and the school office staff don’t leave until 8. And the school building doesn’t close until 10.