EX- Leslie MI abandoned high school Extremely Rare alarms

It has been confirmed. I’m one of the handful of people to own a Schwarze Electric Company Dual Projector horn. These both came from a abandoned school that was built I believe somewhere from the 20s-30s. The system also had some Faraday 4030 horns and 1 Simplex Dual Projector horn which I also got one from there. Ex-Leslie High School.

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wow those are pretty cool

what does the rest of the system look like?

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Someone uploaded a YouTube video of the abandoned school, and in some shots, there are vintage Edwards 270-SPOs with ‘local alarm’ stamped on them.

Do the 270s have the logo from the 50s (square shield) or the triangular shield, which was used in the mid-60s- early 80s?

He’s capping, I own that dual projector now lol

AWESOME FINDS!! More artifacts for a fire museum!

not to be mean but whats up with you and fire museums?

I don’t wanna see any of this rare stuff in the garbage!

thats a good point but if i ever get some thing rare im keepin it

What if the collector dies?

then It should be donated

that’s what I’m trying to say, the fire museums are safe places for rare FA hardware.

oh ok i see what you are trying to say