Extinction of the payphone

I’m continuing to see the few that still exist in my area disappear. The local mall just ditched their payphone. They expect people to have a cellphone. Not everyone has a cellphone and even for those who do, things can go wrong with it to where it won’t work.

If it’s that important, there’s probably someone with a phone around. I think that carrying change around is even more rare than carrying a phone around. You have to remember that the payphone costs the mall money to keep up, and there’s simply no point anymore.

My school used to have a payphone on the outside. A student used it to call in a bomb threat, and this would probably be much harder to trace than a cell phone. This shows that payphones can have security/liability issues. However, I will admit that my school was inadequately surveilled until about five years ago.

a local 7-11 that I pass by often used to have 4 payphones on the side of the store, now they only have 1.

Yes, they are disappearing around me, and the phone case is left - with the wires hanging out. Very ugly. Although, there is still one in use that I know of, because someone called in a fake bomb threat to a business center not to far away from my school.

And that is exactly why the extinction of the pay phone is not a bad thing. No one would be stupid enough to call a bomb threat in on a cell phone. Well, I still don’t know about that one.

You can never doubt the stupidity of people.

This past year, some kid called in a bomb threat on a cell phone during first period on the second day of school. They were able to trace the call AND see him/her on the security camera.

What an idiot.

Haha, some people don’t think before doing things.

Funny thing is that is a photo of Keanu Reeves.

Actually, I saw a payphone by the restrooms that had an “Out of Order” sign on it. I forgot about this one, but it usually works.