EXTREMELY RARE Notifier Emhart Fire Alarm Chime

Today i received this EXTREMELY RARE Notifier Emhart Fire Alarm Chime. The model is: “CH P”

Here is a photo of the identification tag:
[attachment=0]Emhart Chime tag.jpg[/attachment]

Also, here is a video going over it briefly and testing it.



That’s pretty cool! It’s interesting how many more old Notifier devices we’re seeing now. In one of my university’s buildings there’s an old Fire-Lite Sensiscan 1000 with Emhart Notifier “N-Co” 6-inch bells and older BNG-1Rs behind dual-action covers.

Anyway, I wonder if that chime ever came in red, because off-white devices can be used for general signaling if they’re not marked with a “FIRE” label.

NICE find, probably rarer than the NWS-24 strobe that was also produced by Notifier Emhart, which was more than likely during the same era (1980’s).