Extremely Rare Vintage W.R & Co Ostrander 10inch Fire House Bell

Here’s my Vintage W.R & Co Ostrander 10inch Fire House style vibrating bell. 24VDC. One of a handful to own these.

Wow! That’s sure an oldie

Yeah! Any idea when it was made?

My guess is either the 1800’s or 1900’s

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Fantastic! That might make a great restoration project, too. Do you know if the gong is made of brass?

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I would agreewith that

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I believe it is made out of Brass.

since it’s 24VDC, could you hook it up to a FACP?

Probably could, though he might have to worry about it not being polarized (which can be fixed with a diode). Unusual for such an old device to be that voltage though since 24VDC wasn’t ubiquitous like it is now.

i am also wondering if the resistance, wattage, and amp (sorry of this is not actually needed to be worried about, i only know about general electrical work) requirements would be fulfilled without harming the panel.

I’m not sure if resistance or wattage matters, but hopefully most panels put out enough amperage to power it.