FA inspection software

Hello - was curious if anyone knows of decent inspection software? The place I work for basically uses spreadsheets for reports but they are starting to cause problems due to on going construction, replacements, etc. Too many hands in the pot so to speak.

I was looking at these websites but I don’t see any samples of what their reports look like:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://sbnsoftware.com/mobile-inspectio … -software/”>http://sbnsoftware.com/mobile-inspection-software/mobile-fire-inspection-software/fire-alarm-inspection-software/</LINK_TEXT>


Any help appreciated.

Are you talking about doing inspection reports, points list, or both?

We’ve looked into using third party software for inspection reports but they never seem to fit. So we ended up just going with our own forms, using a pdf document with form fields. And for a points list, I’ve found that if you create a Word document with one giant table, using headers and footers, seems to be the easiest. That way you can move or add lines without too much reformatting. Personally, I find just walking around with a spiral bound notebook and then compiling everything at the end is easiest. Walking around with a laptop or tablet is just too cumbersome.

Both - we have points lists & all that fun stuff. It’s just the format is slightly different for each spreadsheet/PDF, , etc. and they can change depending on who is entering/updating the report.

Thanks for the reply.

we use spreadsheets and have a few tools to convert points lists from different programs into the correct format for the spreadsheet.