FACP Temp 4 coding

Have a question. I currently have an Edward’s fire shield 5 zone panel for my home. It works ok… does the job. I’m looking to replace it with an Fire-Lite MS-5UD or 10ud. On my system I have 3 smoke zones and 1 zone for my 2 CO detectors, what I am looking for is if there is a way to program the MS-5/10 so that when it receives the alarm from the zone the co detector is on to output a temp 4 pattern? Or is this something to advanced for this type of panel to do? Thanks!

Edwards’ FireShield-series does not support temporal 4 as a coding option, in fact most panels don’t: only recently have panels started being made with such an option. The only such panels I know of are the SK-5820XL, the SK-5820XL-EVS, the SK-6700, the SK-6808, the SK-6820, & the SK-6820EVS, all made by Silent Knight (all of these are addressable though).

Could probably make a supervisory circuit for the CO detectors and when it gets tripped separate horns (ones that can do temp 4) will sound.

You could also think about using Wheelock Eluxa products.

Devices that are capable of pulsing in temporal 4 are few & far between however.

That’s how I have it set up now. It’s on a non latching supervisory circuit. But no separate horns. I have system sensor low frequency sounders which can be coded by a panel. I was just hoping that there was a panel out there that could do temp 4. That way I wouldn’t have to have separate horn/sounders. The wife tolerates the home system but, I think extra devices other than what’s already there would be a no go haha.