Faraday 10123 (and similar) History

I recently acquired a couple Faraday 10123-1 pulls several years after ruining my first one from losing the reset tool. However, when they arrived I noticed some differences between my old one and new ones. Namely, the locks were made of plastic instead of metal. For this thread, I am using the plastic lock pull that is in better shape for comparison

I also found information on them from this pdf from firealarmresources that showed a metal lock, and a circled logo. Below is a comparison between my pulls and the PDF

One thing that comes to mind is the possibility the lock was changed to plastic due to it being able to strip should the wrong tool be used (see the metal lock version of mine).

Additionally, I noticed that the catalog listed presignal variants which had different model numbers

Knowing he had one, I asked VintageVibratone for some pictures of it.

As you can see, it has the older circled logo, a metal lock, and a springloaded breakrod retainer. It very much resembles the brochure

This leads me to believe that there are three generations of these. Any other information or new designs to share would be appreciated.

A fellow member on the FATAC discord was sent this image by a friend (who gave me permission to use it for this thread) of what appears to be a fourth design of the pull.

It seemed to be agreed there that this was the first generation, but we could be wrong…


I found what appears to be a 5th variant some time back on this website, which has a bunch of interesting things related to Faraday: Vintage Faraday Fire Alarm - C-Tek Systems, Inc. (cteksys.net)
Here is the pull: pull1.jpg (640×480) (cteksys.net)
As you can see, it has the filled-in oval logo of the 4th variant, but the non-filled-in arrow of the other variants, as well as what looks like a differently-colored label.

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In this Instagram post, we can see what appears to be the general alarm
variant of the pull


Interesting to see my Company Web Page, in here. I have quite a collection of very old pull stations and fire alarm equipment. Even some old Ademco Modularm equipment … one of these days, I am going to dig out my boxes :wink:

I recently found another variant on EBay. It was also being sold with two rare chevrons.

This is a 10120-4 pull station, made by Sperti Faraday.

Here’s the original listing, for those interested: Lot Of 3 Vintage Fire Alarm Manual Pull Station Dept Local Ibm Couch Faraday Fd

Mhm, I noted that it seemed to be a 6th variant myself.